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I have no experience in coaching or therapy, is NLP a good place to start?

Yes. The practitioner training is an in-depth training where you will learn and experience the power of NLP. You will get to understand how the mind works, and a variety of skills and modalities that you can use in different areas of your life. The joy of this training is that you can eventually apply it to your own life and own mindset, as well as then working as a coach for other people. This training isn’t a space for you to come and personally have therapy. You may work on some areas of your life, but the goal is to train you in the tools and skills of NLP to a high standard.

I’m already a therapist, counsellor or practitioner. What would training in NLP and Hypnosis add to my practice?

You will be able to learn and experience a whole new set of techniques and another therapeutic modality to add to your existing skills and portfolio. An opportunity to learn how to integrate NLP and/or Hypnosis into your clinical practice. As a practising wellbeing coach Kamran will share with you how he has integrated NLP & Hypnosis into his one to one sessions.

How large are the training groups?

Groups are kept small so that you can get personal attention and assistance in your training. No more than 12 people.

I am keen to set up my own practice, will I be able to do so after this training and would you offer advice on the process?

You will get two years email support from me and access to practice NLP group sessions to further enhance your skills. You will be able to start using NLP straight away with clients. You can gain confidence and practice the more that you use NLP and Hypnosis to really master your skills and also learn from your experience for what your client presents to you.

I don’t want to be a coach but I do want to learn skills for my own life, will this work for me?

100% – I actually took my NLP practitioner many years ago as a personal investment course for my own life and own business. I realised the value and power of NLP and therefore began practicing as a coach and now a trainer. It’s perfectly fine for you to learn NLP for your own life.

How long is the NLP training?

7 days including Hypnosis training and it takes place in London. There are future plans for dates in Birmingham, location to be confirmed.

Can you really learn so much and be of any use in such a short amount of time?

Absolutely! You have a pre-study audio which you are required to listen to and the training is very hands on where you are learning how to use NLP to a high standard, how to notice and observe your clients and how to make lasting change. NLP and Hypnosis coaching is not like therapy where you are there for the ‘story’ or to talk with the client, you are looking at their outcomes and facilitating change.

My employer wants me to learn NLP, why should I?

Learning NLP can be beneficial to your work, career prospects and communication skills. NLP can help with both your personal and professional development in many ways. If you have specific questions about how to apply what you learn to your current role please ask.  An NLP Certification is a valuable addition to your CV.

What is included in the fees?

Refreshments, training manual, USB audio, certification and structured learning support are all part of your training fees.

Why should I train with you?

I have been in personal coaching for nearly 15 years. I have a wide range of knowledge and experience working with people from all walks of life. I share my experiences and knowledge in my training. Many trainers do not coach clients anymore and simply teach a set of processes. I have a blossoming practice utilising many skills as a coach, speaker and author. You will have an in-depth and fully rounded training experience like no other.

What should I bring to the training with me?

Do bring your lunch, alternatively there are venues to each and a shops within easy reach of the training venue. You will have a printed training manual but you may like to bring a note pad for additional notes.

Will my certification be accredited and will I be able to get insurance to develop a professional practice?

Yes, the Mind Body Method trainings and certifications are accredited by ABNLP and ABH where upon completion of your training you can enrol for membership and then become insured to practice as a coach. Mind Body Method is also a registered training providers with ANLP.

How much can a coach expect to charge clients?

Depending on your market, experience and motivation. An NLP practitioner can charge anywhere from £70-95 a session. Master Practitioner £95-140 a session and a NLP and Hypnosis trainer potentially up to £350 a session. There is a wide market that you can work in from therapy coaching, corporate, business or personal coaching all from your skills in NLP and Hypnosis.

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