Hypnosis can unlock the phenomenal power of your unconscious mind.

This type of complimentary therapy allows you to help individuals into an altered state of consciousness which is deeply relaxing to help facilitate the changes that they desire in their life.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is completely safe and you never lose the ability to have control. You can liken it to the feeling of when you wake in the morning and drift back into a light pleasant sleep.

As a powerful and resourceful coaching tool, hypnosis can be used for various long-term conditions and for breaking habits. Our unconscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool that regulates the body and our lives, even though we are not fully conscious of it. It tells us when we are hungry, tired, in pain and even when to breathe. In tapping into the unconscious mind, you can imagine looking down into the depths of the ocean for the further down you travel, the more that you’ll explore, and what lies beneath can really shape what’s presented on the surface.

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing and safe experience which allows many individuals to feel a sense of peace

How can I use hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing and safe experience which allows many individuals to feel a sense of peace and relaxation that they do not generally feel in their day to day life. As a certified practitioner, you will be able to induce trance with clients and allow the individuals that you work with to feel completely and deeply relaxed, as well as facilitate the changes that they desire.

Through your training and understanding of how hypnosis can benefit others you will be able to work with a variety of issues and areas including; stop smoking, insomnia, anxiety, stress, confidence issues, weight management, fears and phobias, pain control and more.

What will hypnosis allow me to do?

Hypnosis will allow you to offer your clients results in your coaching sessions. You will be able to assist the individual in making the changes that they desire as you combine your NLP skills and work through various levels of trance. You will also be able to practice self- hypnosis to allow yourself to make changes and to reap positive benefits in your own life.

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