Complete wellness transformation to stimulate your mind, empower your body, and align your soul.

Created by master trainer and personal life coach Kamran Bedi, Mind Body Method Retreats promote physical and mental mindfulness to allow you to fully appreciate and understand the power of your mind and body.

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What do we offer?

We offer a completely new way of training your body whilst working your mind, as well mindset coaching and therapy sessions to free your mind and empower your life.

Find out more about our techniques:

Stretch Method

Meditation Method

Conditioning Method

Mindset Method


Stretch Method

A full body routine that safely opens up the body, freeing you from the restrictions of tight and tense muscles. This method helps prevent injury, it relaxes the mind and body and most importantly it will leave you feeling energised, relaxed and younger! The stretch method has been used on professional dancers, cyclists, football players, lawyers, surgeons you name it. The importance of lengthening and aligning your muscles, with close attention to safely increasing and supporting the flexibility of your spine will allow you to free your mind as you connect with your body.

Meditation Method

Mindfulness meditation allows you to be guided into a deeper state of consciousness, using NLP techniques to allow you to relax your mind and body as you connect with your soul. The importance of breathing as well as understanding the technique of utilising your lungs fully will allow you to mindfully develop a technique that you can use in any place, and at any time to align your mind into the comfort and ease of your breath.

Conditioning Method

Matt pilates, HIIT training and movement on the roller (MOTR), you choose as we tailor a complete complete body sculpt to achieve your body goals, without straining your joints with unnecessary load. Aligning your mind and body to stay focussed towards your goals, motivated to stay on track and empowered to live your life with purpose, the conditioning method will have you feeling naturally high.

Mindset Method

Relieve stress, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence and any uncertainty as you work personally on a coaching programme. Tools and advanced techniques including NLP, Hypnosis and IEMT can allow you to transform your mind and shape your world with fast and lasting results.

Mauritius Retreat

Mind Body Method has teamed up with LUX resorts to bring an exclusive training modality whilst relaxing in the beautiful Mauritian sun.

The wellness team for Lux Grande Gaube has been trained to the highest standards delivery the Mind Body Method in this new designed resort. Designed by Kelly Hoppen, this luxury retreat will allow you to experience the Mind Body Method in the most beautiful natural surroundings.

For bookings:

Coastal Road, Grand Gaube 30617, Mauritius
Phone: +230 204 9191

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