Certified practitioner training in NLP and Hypnosis by Mind Body Method.

We offer two levels of training: Practitioner and Master Practitioner. Would you learn better in a group of 100? Our training has a maximum of 10. This enables students to certify to a high standard where you can start working straight away, mainly because you get more personal attention and build your confidence in comparison to a larger group training. You also get post study online video material to re-visit any of the techniques and a recorded ZOOM powerpoint version of the whole NLP Practitioner Course.  This is something unique to the Mind Body Method, as not many companies offer post course support. 

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NLP certifications

NLP Practitioner

The NLP Practitioner training also includes Hypnosis Practitioner training; two certifications in one course, with small groups for better learning.

This course is suitable for everyone, you do not need to have a background in psychology or coaching. If you want to learn new life skills that help you to improve your life, or if you want to set up a coaching practice to help others in their life, this training is definitely for you. It is also suitable for individuals who want to apply NLP skills to their business, management, communication or personal brands.

Training is available for the dates advertised, or bespoke NLP training for your company, in-house training or even private 1-1 or small group training for yourself, friends, colleagues can also be arranged privately. Please contact us should you wish to schedule your own course and own preferred dates for availability and costs.

The NLP Practitioner training includes:

– How to apply NLP in different settings

– How change is created

– How to create deep rapport

– Understand representational systems

– SubModalities

– Master language and communication

NLP Master Practitioner

The Master Practitioner training includes Hypnosis Master Practitioner; two certifications in one course, with small groups for better learning.

In this level of training you get to take your practitioner level training to a more advanced level and understanding of NLP, making you a Master trainer where your utilisation of NLP in your personal life, in business or as an NLP coach allows you to enhance your practice on a more advanced level. There are just so many more benefits that you can implement into your life and the results that you assist others in getting.

The NLP Master Practitioner training includes:

– Quantum linguistics

– Personal values and metaprogrammes

– Advanced SubModalities

– Advanced strategies

– Modelling

– NLP and quantum physics 

Hypnosis certifications

Hypnosis Practitioner

Through this Hypnosis Practitioner training you will learn how to create and support change through hypnosis.

What you will learn:

– The history of hypnosis

– The fundamentals of Eriksonian hypnosis

– Patterns of indirect suggestions

– Preparing clients for trance and via inductions

– Identifying the stages of hypnosis

– Suggestibility tests to use with clients

– Induce trance using Eriksonian Inductions

– Use of trance in healing with the general healing paradigm

– Powerful deepening techniques for trance

– Post hypnotic suggestions

Master Hypnosis Practitioner

At the Hypnosis Master Practitioner level you will take your hypnosis skills to a new level of learning, understanding and utilisation.

What you will learn:

– Erickson, Estabrook and Elman styles of Hypnosis

– Permissive, authoritarian and combined hypnosis techniques.

– Use of your voice as a Hypnotherapist

– How to vary approaches with clients to deepen rapport

– Hypnotic phenomena, including full body catalepsy

– Advanced hypnotic healing paradigm techniques

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